European Excursion

Dimitra Milan Painting in Greece

This trip to Europe was one of the best experiences of my life. I met so many new people that I will remember forever, and fell in love with each country and culture. Walking through the streets of Prague, I felt as if I was apart of a fairy-tale! Its buildings were so gorgeous, each one so unique and quaint. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I know one day I'll return. Budapest was also amazing. The city was so full of life, and the food was delicious! I want to go back there too.

Prague, Budapest and Greece

 Greece though, will always be my home. This country moves me like no other. Everything about it, each of my senses comes to life, experiencing their full capacity. My spirit was overwhelmed with joy, I’m so inspired and ready to paint!

Dimitra Painting a Mural in Greece


Looking through that glass window,
I feel whats its like to truly belong
On the highway again, watching the landscapes pass by
This land calls me,
It beckons my heart
To live off its tender fruits,
Their sweetness becomes a lasting memory
To climb its ancient castles,
Never lost through the ages,
To stare in awe at the expanding horizons of pure bliss
Remembering the culture’s deep roots,
Their songs still hanging in the salty air
The glistening sea, romances my soul
I can’t help but throw myself into its gentle waves,
As I float along the tides, my eyes experience heaven
Every cell in my body, rejoices at the sight of this land
Its rays of sunshine enhance my being,
A golden song of light dances through the depths of my soul
I feel more alive, empowered by this euphoric freedom
What a genuine place,
It calls me home

Dimitra, Family, and Friends at Dinner

My First TV/Video Interview

I was so honored for the opportunity to be featured on RISE Channel during my trip to Greece!  I was interviewed by Georgina, a wonderful and sweet lady-- who is also quite the artista! ;) She made the process so fun and comfortable for me. See my first tv/video interview below and find out some stuff about me that you may not already know.

Once again, thank you to @georgiraz & @risegr for the feature on Rise Channel! Hope to see you again soon.

Click HERE for the full article.

It's a Wrap on My First Art Gallery Tour!

Dimitra's Show at Signature Galleries in Waikiki

These past four shows went by so quickly, it was a whirlwind of fast paced traveling. I went for two exciting back to back weekends in Hawaii and during the week I was home in Arizona working on more paintings. I went to Kona on the Big Island, Maui, the North Shore, and Waikiki. The first weekend I went with my mom, and the second weekend my dad came. The two things I love to experience every time I come to Hawaii is the sweet smell of plumeria and the kiss of tropical breeze that meets you right off the plane. The other thing I love about Hawaii is the sense that everyone is family the moment you meet them.

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