Original Animal Painting by Dimitra Milan

Destiny Awaits

“He gives her a new strength, she can and will move forward. She is touched by his peace, a beautiful spirit. She will walk this new path, and discover her potential.“

Dimitra Milan

The original "Destiny Awaits" oil painting is 30" x 40" and is sold through one of Dimitra Milan's fine art Gallery Locations, please contact Genesis Gallery for availability and pricing. For similar paintings, contact us for a commission.

Dimitra has mastered several techniques for both her classic oil pieces and her bold mixed media oil paintings. All of her oil paintings embody rich, dark colors and stylized brush strokes. She uses subtractive tools to develop the highlights of every piece, bringing the form to life. After allowing the initial layer of paint to dry, Dimitra then adds more paint and layers creating different effects and textures; some elements are left abstract and others are rendered more realistically.

Dimitra's mixed media oil paintings receive this same thoughtful treatment, only with several additional elements and mediums. Some include layering different papers on the canvas, creating one-of-a-kind characteristics and a collage effect. On others, she may be inspired to add acrylic or spray paint.

A master painter, Dimitra Milan's whimsical and surreal artwork reflects a dreamy world where anything is possible.