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Garden of Grace Tapestry PREORDER - Dimitra Milan Art
Garden of Grace Tapestry PREORDER - Dimitra Milan Art
Garden of Grace Tapestry PREORDER - Dimitra Milan Art
Garden of Grace Tapestry PREORDER - Dimitra Milan Art
Garden of Grace Tapestry PREORDER - Dimitra Milan Art

Garden of Grace Tapestry

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Using jacquard loom technology, this unique woven blanket is of the highest quality. Each versatile tapestry has colorful fringe on all four edges. It will look stunning on your wall, as a throw, blanket or picnic blanket. Surround yourself in artful beauty, and allow yourself to escape to a dreamy realm...

"Garden of Grace" Woven Tapestry measures 54x72”.

Where they're made: They come from a small owned family business in the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina USA, called Pure Country Weavers.

About the fabric: They're woven ethically and sustainably, by using 100% recycled cotton threads which makes them super soft! They do not shrink when washed and dried gently, and they'll get softer over time. They can be washed with cold water in the washing machine, and be hung to dry or dried on a low heat setting.

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Unfolding a Realm of Possibilities

"I love to paint women and animals together, reflecting our true divine selves. I’m inspired to create a world where anything is possible, where heaven meets earth. The women I paint have stepped into their true identity and strength."
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What the dreamers are saying...


Like a dream

This artwork is beautiful. It’s even more vivid, rich and expressive in person (compared to pictures online). It adds an air of inspiration and mystique to my bedroom. The frame is high quality and I was amazed at how fast the international postage (to Australia) was. I’ve already made my next purchase and can’t wait for it to arrive.


I can’t take my eyes off it!

I’ve admired your artwork for many months on Instagram and I saw an image that captivated my soul; Running The Distance. I knew I had to have her in my home that I could see daily and immerse in her energy that of strength, wisdom, and courage. So stunning. Thank you for bringing your art to the world, Dimitra x

Dani Strong

Love everything I purchase!

I was so thrilled to see the beautiful artwork arrive. It was more beautiful than I expected and the size of it is a perfect addition to my wall. I am never disappointed with anything that I order from this amazing artist. Can't wait for my next piece of art from you. You are so talented Dimitra.

Gabriela Calvillo

"Sights Set Above"

This original brings me joy and inspiration!
I love foxes! And I’m having it framed now and can’t wait to hang it on my wall to remind me of hopefulness.

Diane Scharfenberg

Love Love Love

If I could rate this 10 stars, I would! Absolutely in love with my new piece…the quality is obvious the minute you take it out of the packaging (which also feels very deliberate and thoughtful). Can’t wait to get another piece!

Cindy French

Balm for the soul!

a beautiful book! very inspiring! wonderfully written! Dimitra Milan looking at her artwork so close gives wonderful vibrations! it radiates wonderful positive energy! I sit in the garden and look through the book over and over again. it gives me strength and shows me what is possible!

Yasemin Biechele