Beauty for every space

Beauty for every space

Releasing Dreams...

Releasing Dreams...

Are you an art collector?

Beware: once you start, you will be addicted. Collecting art is a way of life. Life with art is meaningful, rich, passionate. Art elevates your atmosphere; it has a noticeable presence. You won't know that you're missing it until you have it, and once you have it, you can't live without it.

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Unfolding a Realm of Posibilities

"I love to paint women and animals together, reflecting our true divine selves. I’m inspired to create a world where anything is possible, where heaven meets earth. The women I paint have stepped into their true identity and strength."

Unfolding a Realm of Posibilities
Lisa Waren Collector

"A dreamy blend of life and color, expressed with passion and precision."

Suz Vanz Collector

"Beautiful Art & Dimitra has now made it more affordable for her international buyers."

Miri Turgeman Collector

"A young and successful artist. She’s an inspiration to people, and why they want to become an artists, her art is beautiful, wishing her all the best!"

Anget Vo Collector

"I really admire her talent. She makes perfect and wonderful works! There are no words to describe, yet again!!"

Elaine Peary Collector

"Dimitra Milan creates beautiful flowing images for the soul...