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Legend has it...

Dimitra created her first painting when she was just 5 years old. Her parents, prolific artists John and Elli Milan were struggling to create an abstract painting for their Art Dealer. After trying everything they could, they almost gave up. Dimitra begged them to play with their paint and they decided to let her. What was the worst that could happen? After an hour of unsupervised exploration, they came back to see that she had created a masterpiece with absolutely zero guidance. But it was a one hit wonder. She couldn’t recreate it…

At the age of 11, Dimitra started taking classes at her parents’ art school. It started off as a hobby, but with each month that passed, Dimitra started to paint more and more, and with that, her skills increased exponentially. When she was 13, she took a portfolio class and her true voice as an artist started to shine through. She was beginning to re-discover that child-like creativity that she had lost since she was 5. Her first gallery showing at 14 was monumental for launching her career as a professional artist.

The newspapers caught wind of this new prodigy painter and the rest is history. By the age of 15 she was represented by a publisher, and sold over $1,000,000 worth of art and products by the time she was 16. 

Despite having a couple successful years with her publisher, she began to feel too controlled and limited with them. She wanted to forge her own path. Since then, Dimitra has been self-represented with the majority of her paintings selling online and through select galleries throughout the United States. Her extraordinary paintings can be found in private collections across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Now, Dimitra spends the majority of her time continuing to develop her unique style and push the boundaries of art. Through her pursuit of bringing more beauty into this world, she invites her viewers to step into a new realm of possibilities. She is also a co-owner of Milan Art Institute, and an instructor to students all over the world with online courses. Her paintings can be described as abstract realism, with romantic elements portraying a dreamy atmosphere where anything is possible.

Her artwork is layered with symbolism, often provoking deep emotions. Dimitra expresses love, hope, authenticity, and beauty through her brushstrokes. She often finds inspiration from her dreams she has at night. Like Van Gogh once said, “I paint my dreams, and I dream my paintings,” she also lives by this.

“I’m inspired to paint beauty, and to bring more beauty into this world. The world desperately needs more light and truth. I hope my art inspires people to follow their own dreams and pursue their passions. I want my art to touch a deep place in people, and bring them into a higher mindset.”

—Dimitra Milan


Giving back to charitable causes continues to be an important part of Dimitra’s work. Her paintings are regularly donated to non-profit organizations that advocate against human trafficking and “Comfy Cozies 4 Chemo” which provides assistance to families and children with cancer.

Dimitra currently lives in Georgia with her husband Jacob Dunn and travels regularly to Greece and other international destinations to experience the world and gain new inspirations.

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